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A strong home starts with a strong foundation.

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Our Polyurethane injection services allow us to quickly and efficiently waterproof your foundation- without the hassle. Polyurethane foam expands up to 20x it’s original volume and binds to the concrete. The elastic nature of the polyurethane allows it to move and flex with the concrete throughout the seasons while providing a water-tight seal.


Sometimes, depending on the severity of the crack, your foundation may need a little more TLC. Our epoxy injection systems allows us to restore the structural integrity of your foundation. Once cured, the epoxy becomes stronger than the concrete preventing further damage and fracturing.

Teflon and Kevlar

Carbon straps woven together with Kevlar are quickly replacing steel as a concrete reinforcing mechanism. For bowed walls, cracked slabs, or other concrete repairs, our Teflon/ Kevlar system is stronger than steel and corrosion resistant.

Let your worries vanish, one crack at a time.